Why Is It Important To Use Eco Friendly, Biodegradable Corn Plastic, Solar Powered, Organic Promotional Products?

It is no secret that there is a current movement among businesses and organizations to “Go Green.”  Lately, it seems that everyone has been swept up in green initiatives, clean energy and a sustainable future, and luckily this is an excellent cause.  With the hype surrounding this movement and all the support it has garnered, you would think that more businesses are participating in efforts that contribute to the movement.  However, supporting eco-friendly initiatives is still something that sets your business apart.

If you would like to enhance your business’s reputation, “going Green” is an ideal way to appeal to a broader range of customers and make a difference.  A complete “Green” overhaul can be expensive, but a great place to start is by promoting with eco-friendly, recycled and sustainable promotional items.  Most businesses already use promotional items, so the budget is there.  Generally, eco-friendly and sustainable promotional items cost the same as regular promo items, but they have the added benefit of advertising your commitment to corporate responsibility.  Additionally, some people are now only operating within the Green Movement and choosing businesses that support it.  Therefore, you will not turn away people with eco-friendly promotions, and you may actually have the opportunity to expand your customer base.

If you’ve never promoted with eco-friendly items, knowing which items to select may be confusing.  The following are some of the green promotional items offered:

  • Biodegradable corn plastic is a hot item manufactured using corn starch, a completely renewable resource.  It is inexpensive and handles just like plastic.  However, unlike regular plastic, it will not leech chemicals into food or liquid and it does not emit toxins if burned.  Additionally, when it breaks down, the by-products are mostly carbon dioxide and water. 
  • Solar-powered items rely on the sun for power, and do not require batteries or electricity (both of which are manufactured using non-renewable resources).  This does not seem to mean anything for an item like a calculator, but today’s solar-powered products include flashlights, flash drives and even digital picture frames.
  • Organic products, especially apparel, are where it gets tricky.  Be aware that something can be considered “all-natural” without being organic.  Only trust resources that say 100% Certified Organic, because that Organic label requires products to uphold a certain standard.  Additionally, if purchasing Organic clothing, look for products that also have eco-friendly manufacturing and ink.  Even if the apparel is Green, it does not mean the manufacturing and dying processes do not use harmful chemicals.
When opting for eco-friendly promotions, the process does not stop with choosing a couple items.  You will want to consider the items’ packaging and distribution, as well.  Make sure your customers are aware of the socially responsible steps you are taking; in other words, promote your promotional items.  Make sure that your potential audience understands that the products are a reflection of your business or organization.  Finally, as always, you want to choose promotional items that will actually be useful to the recipients.  This will ensure that they keep the products for longer, which means your logo will be continuously visible to them and those around them.

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